Three-engine generator unveiled in new POWERMX range

Three-engine generator unveiled in new POWERMX range

Energy specialist, Aggreko, has unveiled a comprehensive range of Stage V multi-engine generators to provide flexible, reliable, clean and efficient power to sectors with demanding and varying power requirements.

Designed and manufactured by Aggreko, the new POWERMX range delivers modular power in one containerised offering that can rapidly be scaled up or down depending on the power requirement.

The new range includes the POWERMX3, which is the first ever three-engine, 1.35MVA generator housed in a single ISO 20ft container, alongside the company’s latest dual-engine 1.25MVA POWERMX2 Stage V generator.

The launch comes as energy intensive industries – such as manufacturing, utilities, data centres and construction – face the challenge of balancing energy resilience while reducing emissions in line with net zero targets. Aggreko has introduced POWERMX solutions into its European fleet for customers requiring a power package to provide additional capacity, enhance resilience, overcome power capacity constraints and grid limitations.

The POWERMX generators operate with a load-on-demand system, adjusting seamlessly and autonomously to varying power needs. Their advanced control features and multi engine design means the system can efficiently generate power throughout the load range up to 1.35MVA. The intelligent Stage V solution ensures adaptable power delivery precisely when needed, in addition to optimising fuel efficiency, improving resilience and minimising emissions by generating only the required amount of power.

Oversizing generator sets is a common occurrence across many applications, which risks inefficiencies and potential equipment issues when running at low loads for prolonged periods. However, the efficient, flexible power output that the POWERMX range can offer – even at low loads – mitigates these issues, further enhancing efficiency and reliability. The advanced control system also allows the engines to meet load-sharing, base-loading, peak lopping or standby requirements.

Meeting strict emissions regulations across Europe, the new Stage V Certified generator is approved for diesel, Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil (HVO), Gas to Liquid (GTL) and B10 fuels, providing fuel flexible options that support CO2 reducing strategies.

When using multiple POWERMX units, flexibility of power output is further enhanced, allowing sites with high power demand to be able to access a Stage V certified solution. As organisations look to adopt decentralised energy approaches to improve resilience on their sites as the reliability of grid supply continues to be questioned, having this flexibility of power output with lower emissions will be key to mitigate potential disruption.

As part of the company’s commitment to providing the correctly sized and efficient technology, the new POWERMX range joins the portfolio of Greener Upgrades solutions. This includes battery energy storage solutions (BESS), oil-free air compressors, steam boilers, Stage V generators and chillers. Supporting customers’ renewable energy transitions with access to these new cleaner technologies is a key part of Aggreko’s sustainability framework, Energising Change.

David McDonald, Head of Power Generation Products at Aggreko, says, “Delivering best-in-class efficiency, reducing emissions and building energy resilience are key priorities for all industries. Harnessing the full capabilities of the first of its kind POWERMX3, in addition to the POWERMX2, we can support our customers with their sustainability goals without compromise.

“The need to adhere to even more stringent emission regulations is often a priority, particularly for large, multi MW projects. This results in an increased requirement for Stage V solutions that are also compatible with greener fuels. With the new POWERMX range, energy intensive sectors will benefit from this type of revolutionary multi engine solution that delivers lower emissions while affording flexible power provision and security of supply.

“Coupled with the existing fleet stage V generators, battery energy storage systems (BESS), oil free air compressors, coil steam boilers and extended portfolio of greener upgrades products, the POWERMX range will provide even more choice to our customers across all sectors.”

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