Time For Fan Isolators To Join The Grid

Knightsbridge, one of the UK’s leading brands of wiring devices, accessories and lighting, is adding a modern slant to the traditional fan isolator switch with the launch of its fan isolator switch grid modules. Offering the contractor both cost and time savings, and the end user greater convenience, the new switches combine good looks with everyday practicality.

The 10A rated, triple-pole modules occupy a single grid position and are suitable for use across several Knightsbridge grid faceplates including Screwless, Flat Plate, Raised Edge and Metal Clad. There are five contemporary finishes to choose from – brushed chrome, polished chrome, matt white, white and matt black – so isolating the fan has never been so stylish.

For ease of identification when installed in a grid format, each module has the text Fan Isolator in upper case either neatly engraved or laser printed (dependant on finish) on the surface of the rocker.

For applications where additional security of operation is needed i.e. prevention of extractor fan being turned off either inadvertently or deliberately, a range of key switch models are also available. These are ideal for areas like washrooms, hotel rooms, student accommodation and multiple occupancy dwellings.

The key switch variants share the same finishes as the switch models, feature the ‘Fan Isolator’ upper case text too and are compatible with the line-up of grid faceplates. This format also allows for a fuse holder to be used in conjunction with the fan isolator if required.

The arrival of these switch grid modules brings fan isolation right up-to-date and represent a great opportunity to replace the often bulky and workmanlike traditional fan isolation switches of old.

Whatever the application, whether charging iPhones, accessing a network, listening to music over Bluetooth or simply switching and dimming lights, there’s a Knightsbridge product that can do it beautifully.

For further details of Knightsbridge’s innovative wiring accessory and lighting products, visit www.mlaccessories.co.uk or call 01582 887760.

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