Save money and energy with support from Toolstation’s green tick range

Toolstation has created a range of energy saving essentials – products that trades and customers can use to upgrade their home, and take control of their bills, as the energy crisis looks set to continue in 2023.

The green tick range features over 200 products that help monitor and reduce energy usage around the home, including smart thermostat kits, LED bulbs, electric showers and more.

As part of the range, Toolstation also offers top tips and advice on how to save energy around the home via a dedicated webpage, including how to build an energy efficient bathroom, and detailed insight into the benefits of smart tech.

The full range is available online, on Toolstation’s app and in its latest catalogue, and can be spotted by the ‘green tick’ logo placed beside the product image.

A key focus within the range is the growing demand for smart home tech. A recent survey from Toolstation found that 45% of households see smart home tech as the solution to the energy saving crisis, whilst sales of its category are up by 182% versus last year.

Greg Richardson, Head of Marketing at Toolstation, says, “After a challenging year for many, we understand the importance of finding energy saving solutions to help households stay on top of their bills. The green-tick range aims to support our customers with great value products that can cut down costs around the home.”

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