Top Product Award win for Safe Isolation Infographic

The Electrical Safety Roundtable’s (ESR) 12 Steps to Safe Isolation Infographic has received a Professional Electrician & Installer 2020 ‘Top Product’ award.

The infographic was created in response to the need to raise awareness of safe isolation within the workplace with the assistance of Louise Taggart, an influential health and safety campaigner. Louise sadly lost her brother Michael in 2005 as a result of an electrical incident at work, which should and could have been prevented if safe isolation measures were used. Michaels story has had a massive impact throughout the sector and our goal was to promote this infographic extensively and make safe isolation common practice to avoid devastating accidents happening in the future. Worrying statistics show that 1 in 5 installers do not carry a lock out kit in their van or tool bag, and 25% of electricians rarely or never use a lock out kit to isolate the electrical supply they are working on.

Paul Meenan, chair of the ESR in the Workplace group comments: “It was an honour to work with the group to create the 12 steps to Safe Isolation infographic. It was very gratifying to see the infographic making an impact within the industry, but winning this award exceeded our expectations! Many electrical accidents are due to the lack of awareness around safe isolation procedures, or the process not being carried out correctly, so it is imperative that we change this outlook going forward. The award is a recognition for those who have made a difference to the electrical professional’s ability to get a job done efficiently, safely, and professionally, or has helped electrical installers overcome common problems in their everyday working lives, and we couldn’t be more proud of the impact our infographic has had, and hopefully will continue to have on the industry.”

The Electrical Safety Roundtable in the Workplace’s goal was to promote the infographic extensively and increase awareness of Safe Isolation to reduce devastating accidents happening in the future. Accepting this award has confirmed that the focus of this group in this area was a worthwhile decision.

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