Tradeston Bridge lighting upgrade signals a brighter future

Signify has enhanced Glasgow’s Tradeston Bridge with dynamic, sustainable, connected lighting. The newly illuminated pedestrian and cycle bridge spans the river Clyde, connecting the Tradeston and Broomielaw districts, and was seen as part of the backdrop to the UN Climate Change Conference (COP26) last year.

The lighting project was delivered by Glasgow City Council as part of the ‘Clyde Waterfront and West End Innovation Quarter’ programme, which will deliver £113.9M capital investment and regenerate the river corridor as a desirable urban quarter that attracts jobs, investment and contributes to regional economic growth. The newly illuminated bridge will aid the regeneration of Tradeston, connecting the new Barclays Glasgow Campus to the city’s financial district on the West side of the city centre, encouraging increased footfall on the bridge, attractiveness of the area for businesses, citizens and visitors and in turn boosting the local economy.

A fresh new lighting design complements the bridge’s eye-catching, wave-like structure and form. The handrail has been fitted with custom stanchion lighting using Color Kinetics’ LED lighting products from Signify. The system is connected to Signify’s Interact Landmark software application, which controls the lights from a central dashboard and offers the ability to monitor and manage performance and outages from a single, secure dashboard.

The entire project has been delivered in partnership with Lightways who are specialists in providing all types of exterior lighting throughout Scotland. The project includes a five-year lifecycle package, managed through Interact Landmark Lighting Asset Management that enables remote and on-site maintenance, along with energy savings through regular system optimisation. Interact Landmark Scene Management provides the ability to programme and manage dynamic light shows remotely, enabling the scene to be changed to suit the season, festival, or event.

“Light is one of the most powerful means of breathing new life into cities and towns, heralding a new era of urban design and beautification. The new installation at Tradeston Bridge combines cutting-edge design and sustainable LED technology, that ensures energy efficiency, connectivity and innovation,” comments Stephen Rouatt, CEO, Signify UK & Ireland.

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