Travis Perkins launches Online Trade Counter to make ordering easier

Travis Perkins is recently making shopping online and through its app frictionless with the launch of its Online Trade Counter and new shared access feature.

The launch of Travis Perkins Online Trade Counter allows trade account holders to shop quickly and seamlessly for the products that they buy most at their trade prices, without having to navigate through product information and payment screens, and reducing the time it takes to order.

The Online Trade Counter means customers only need a couple of clicks to complete their order, selecting from their regularly purchased products, and it stores billing and delivery information. This means that customers can order products straight to site more quickly than ever before.

Kyle Leivers, Head of Digital at Travis Perkins, says, “We’re always looking for new and innovative ways to create a better experience for our customers. We know many builders and tradespeople often purchase from a regular pool of products and want a hassle-free and frictionless route to ordering and delivering to site. They want to find the products they regularly buy quickly, be reassured it is at the same price they normally buy it at and delivered to a site of their choosing. The Online Trade Counter offers customers value, convenience and consistency above everything else.”

Travis Perkins has also enabled shared access on its platform, giving firms a new way to offer access to their Trade Account for their employees. Users can choose to give their team access and set permissions based on the tasks they want them to perform.

By opening their profile, customers can share their Travis Perkins account with whoever needs it. After choosing their access type, those contacts will be emailed with access details.

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