UK’s biggest Treetops Trails course covered by ESP CCTV


Lightwater Valley is a theme park in North Stainley, North Yorkshire, founded in 1969. The Park is home to the UK’s biggest Treetop Trails course – covering over 2,000 square metres of beautiful woodland. Over the course of this year the Park has been investing in a number of new rides and attractions to enhance the overall visitor experience. At the same time, the owners have taken the opportunity to upgrade the CCTV systems which provide security throughout the grounds.

With around 30 different rides and attractions in total, the number and type of CCTV systems required is both extensive and varied and a mixture of wire-free and hard wired systems from across ESP’s CCTV ranges have been installed. There are two main functions for the CCTV installations – one is the evidence based collection of footage to help identify any potential breaches in security. The other is to provide the ride operator with a clear view of all aspects of the rides, to ensure the safety of those taking part.

The installer responsible for fitting the systems has been using ESP’s CCTV for a number of years and had this to say: “It was great to be able to get a broad range of CCTV solutions all from one supplier and the quality is excellent. I have used cheaper products in the past and they either break down or the image quality is inferior. The quality of the ESP systems is far superior. I like how easy the wire-free systems are to install and we have been able to spread the coverage across a decent amount of space. The hard wired system is one that is mainly used for observing.

“As we continue to update the rides and facilities at the park, we will continue to update the CCTV systems to incorporate the best products from ESP.”

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