TRILUX launches new OLISQ luminaire

Hailing a new era for walls and ceilings, TRILUX has unveiled the latest addition to its energy efficient lighting portfolio – the OLISQ luminaire.

In light of the ongoing energy crisis, there is an urgent need to reduce energy costs, decrease carbon footprints, and search for future-proof solutions. There has never been a better time to upgrade to the latest lighting technology, as we are all aware lighting refurbishments save operating costs and ensures more sustainability, safety and efficiency.

The new TRILUX OLISQ luminaire enables every customer to perform an individual, sustainable, cost-effective refurbishment. OLISQ is suitable for almost every application thanks to its flexible design characteristics.

Suited for refurbishment of any room

Using archetypal design thinking, OLISQ creates geometric light appropriate for every architecture. With customisable materials and various choices regarding luminous flux, switches, and housing, OLISQ ensures optimal clarity and orientation. Thanks to its high light quality, long service life, and efficiency of up to 143lm/W, OLISQ qualifies for BREEAM, WELL, and other certification standards.

Time saving, cost friendly and low-risk refurbishments

Refurbishments are often postponed because of the time involved, potentially high costs or unwanted design outcomes. Thanks to OLISQ, these concerns are a thing of the past. A wide selection of lighting variants offering distinct performance characteristics enables a seamless installation without impacting existing building infrastructure and without drilling or painting. A tailor-made 1:1 replacement of existing lighting will deliver uniform clarity, while the interchangeability of components will optimise the installation lifecycle and lead to immediate cost savings.

Future-oriented and innovative solutions

TRILUX offers customers several services, including tools to control its lighting infrastructure, such as remote scene activation, which turns off unnecessary lighting from any internet connected device. In addition, real-time data on energy consumption, presence detection and potential daylight utilisation can be scheduled to optimise energy consumption. It is also possible for energy managers to create, analyse and save reports, which is helpful for companies with environmental, social and governance strategies and goals. Naturally, OLISQ is equipped with the latest technologies to offer all these options.

With its efficiency and sustainability, from waste-avoiding production to the individual interchangeability of components and efficient energy consumption, this luminaire offers customers the potential for effortless and cost efficient refurbishments for any application.

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