Trimble Luckins enhances data services adopting ETIM classifications

In support of the UK’s Electrical Distributors Association (EDA) initiative to digitise the UK electrical and mechanical supply chain based on the ETIM Classification Standard, Trimble announces that ETIM has now been incorporated within the Luckins Platinum data service.

For over 50 years, Luckins have been providing pricing services to the UK Electrical and Mechanical supply chain and over time this has naturally expanded to include data to support, amongst other things, eCommerce initiatives. With the Luckins data service already connecting manufacturers, wholesalers and contractors in the supply chain with a single source of information, the decision to adopt ETIM will help promote the standard further and its availability to the benefit of all participants.

For Manufacturers

For manufacturers the Luckins implementation of ETIM ensures that products comply with the allowable features, values and units within the standard, as defined and controlled by the EDA and ETIM International. Additionally, the Luckins framework allows manufacturers the flexibility to also provide data to support their product’s USP for where the products do not naturally fit within the ETIM standard or are outside of its scope. Manufacturer generated marketing descriptions and supporting materials can also be carried directly into the supply chain. Working with industry partners such as NG15, manufacturers are now able to publish their data directly to Luckins so the enriched data becomes available to the sector quickly.

For Wholesalers

For wholesalers the adoption of ETIM Classifications by Luckins means that, utilising the LUCKINSlive API – which is incorporated into the majority of the leading wholesaler ERP systems – the ETIM classification and associated attribute features will instantly be available to existing subscribers, alongside the current service. The same data can also be utilised in websites, eCommerce portals and other bespoke applications to ensure a consistent and accurate view is always available on demand.

There are a number of different ways to incorporate the LUCKINSlive API feed within a wholesaling business but whichever route is taken the core of the solution is to provide a live feed to the end-user, within minimum manual intervention. As enriched product information becomes available, it is possible to have it immediately online without burdening valuable employees with cumbersome maintenance tasks.

For Contractors

Contractors too need access to more technical information and be informed of the benefits of new products coming to market. Both Trimble’s and third parties’ software can now have the ability to consume this data live. Contractors are able to ‘self-serve’ this information 24×7, on demand from a single source within their application of choice.

In conjunction with this announcement, work is being undertaken to combine transactional data with BIM object data to make BIM 4D (Cost) a reality. Bridging the divide from generic modeling, this powerful combination will drive forward the next generation of modeling systems.

Trimble MEP Content

The Trimble MEP Content library supports stakeholders in all phases of the construction lifecycle including manufacturers, distributors, contractors, and end users in delivering successful MEP projects. With over 8 million building components worldwide from more than 5,000 MEP manufacturers, Trimble Constructible content is relied upon for data synchronisation across the supply chain to facilitate business transactions and enable success for all.

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