Two in five UK tradespeople suffer from work-related pain every week 

A study by Jacuzzi, the hot tub and hydrotherapy specialists, surveyed Brits from a variety of industries about their experiences of injuries and pain at work and found that half (50%) of tradespeople have taken time off work for a work-related pain or injury

Three in five (60%) tradespeople report lower back injuries, making it the most common injury sustained on the job. Shoulder pain (31%) is the second most likely issue to trouble tradespeople.

In construction, neck pain (32%) is the most common form of discomfort amongst workers, followed by arm pain (25%).

Sadly, seven in 10 (71%) construction workers say that they experience pain at work at least once a week, the highest percentage of any industry. Only 7% never experience any form of work-related pain.

Nearly nine in 10 (89%) of construction workers said that they’d taken time off due to injury, with 56% missing more than a week.

Tracey Hudson, Executive Director, at HR Dept, says: “It’s worrying to see that regardless of the industry, a large portion of workers are experiencing pain, injury or discomfort as a result of their working conditions.

“It’s no surprise to see back pain is the most commonly experienced form of pain, as this is an area of the body that’s put under considerable stress, whether you’re working at a desk or on a construction site.

“If you experience pain due to your work, make sure to raise the issue with a line manager or your employer’s HR department, as they will take steps to ensure you are safe, and will work with Occupational Health or your GP who can often suggest changes to your working environment which can help prevent injury or the recurrence of pain

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