Two new hires for horticultural lighting specialist

Vertically Urban, the Leeds-based manufacturer of LED solutions, has welcomed two new specialists to its growing team.

The two recruits have been bought on board to meet the brand’s growth objectives and further improve its scientifically based development process.

Jon Potter joins as Business Development Director, with a wealth of LED lighting and controls knowledge gained from his time with Philip’s Lighting and the Aurora group.

In his new role, Jon will be helping to grow the Vertically Urban brand working directly with growers, partners, and system integrators to bring horticultural lighting solutions into several application areas.

Phoebe Sutton enters the newly-created position of Plant Biologist, bringing a plethora of research experience in plant photobiology. She has a specific interest in integrating her research and expertise into the vertical farming industry.

Currently, Phoebe is completing a Ph.D. in the optimisation of LED lighting regimes to increase the phytonutrient content in hydroponically grown herbaceous crops. In the new role, she will be managing the brand’s onsite laboratories to ensure the optimum formula for LED grow lights.

Andrew Littler, CEO of Vertically Urban, says: “We are thrilled to have both Jon and Phoebe on the team. Following our successful Seedrs campaign last year, we set some ambitious growth plans to help us meet the fluctuation in industry demand for sustainable, efficient LED horticultural lighting solutions. We pride ourselves on our standard and bespoke products, which we scientifically fine-tuned to specific crop requirements. With Phoebe in place, we are certain to improve our formulas further, and with Jon growing our customer bases, tapping into new markets, we are sure to hit our targets.”

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