UK sees biggest increase in renewable energy supply

UK named amongst countries with the biggest increase in renewable energy supply

As the effects of climate change are becoming more apparent, countries are utilising renewable energy supplies at an increased rate. With this in mind, new research has revealed that the UK features amongst the top 10 countries which have seen the most significant change in renewable energy supply since 2010.

As part of a new study into renewable energy across OECD countries, the team at Utility Bidder have revealed the locations with the biggest increase in renewable energy supply, as well as the countries with the highest and lowest supply of renewable energy, and the energy products with the highest percentage of worldwide energy consumption.

You can view the full research here.

Countries with the highest increase in renewable energy supply between 2010-2020:

Rank Country % of Renewable Energy Supply (2010) % of Renewable Energy Supply (2020) Increase in Renewable Energy Supply (%)
1 Denmark 21.99% 41.38% 19.39%
2 Norway 36.13% 54.35% 18.22%
3 Sweden 34.58% 51.15% 16.56%
4 Estonia 14.63% 29.95% 15.31%
5 Latvia 32.28% 43.58% 11.30%
6 Finland 25.82% 37.02% 11.20%
7 United Kingdom 3.50% 14.66% 11.17%
8 Ireland 4.66% 14.10% 9.45%
9 Luxembourg 3.95% 12.59% 8.63%
10 Lithuania 15.25% 22.76% 7.50%

Further findings from the study:

  • Oil products make up over 44% of the total energy consumption worldwide – more than any other product. This is followed by electricity (23.01%) and natural gas (21.36%).
  • 89.47% of Iceland’s energy supply comes from renewable sources. The two primary sources of renewable energy supply in the country are hydroelectricity and geothermal power.
  • With only 3.36% of its total energy supply coming from renewable sources, Korea is the country with the lowest supply of renewable energy.

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