UK Power Networks launches £14m power upgrade in East Ham

East Ham

Investment is underway on a pioneering £14 million project to upgrade power supplies for thousands of residents in East Ham.

UK Power Networks is currently investing in resilience and capacity at the key power hub in East Ham to future-proof the network for future developments.

Specialist electrical engineering teams are working to build a new substation and replace existing electricity transformers, which step down voltage, enabling electricity to be safely delivered to smaller buildings and properties.

Jason Gunning, Project Manager at UK Power Networks, says, “This is a major investment in the infrastructure for East Ham and the surrounding areas. This will help us to continue serving residents with reliable electricity supplies well into the future.

“We are helping to future-proof the electricity network by modernising the equipment which delivers power to local homes and businesses, making power supplies even more resilient.”

Niall Byrne, Contract Manager at Clancy, says, “The Clancy team is proud to work with UK Power Networks on this major renewal and redevelopment programme at Nelson Street. It will provide a modern, resilient network which will support new housing and electric vehicle charging in the area.

“The project has seen the diversion of live cabling and removal of 400m of redundant cabling before constructing a new substation on site to house the three new 132kV transformers.”

As the new equipment is energised, the existing equipment will be decommissioned, having been well maintained and served the residents of East Ham for many years. Work on the project started last year and is due to be completed in 2025.

The investment in East Ham is part of £600 million the company will invest this year in its electricity networks.

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