UK Power Networks unveils capacity visibility portal

UK Power Networks unveils capacity visibility portal

UK Power Networks has heralded a new era of transparency after releasing new data to help connections customers better understand how capacity at the interface with the national transmission network is being used.

For the first time, connections customers like renewable energy developers will be able to see exactly how much spare capacity is available at each Grid Supply Point (GSP), and how many projects are ahead of them in the queue all in one place.

The new data, which will be hosted on UK Power Networks’ Open Data Portal, will enable new customers to see not just how many projects are ahead of them in the queue, but what they are and whether there are fast-track flexible connections available.

It will mean developers of energy projects, like renewables and batteries, can make a more informed decision about when and where to site new projects, bringing more transparency and openness to the connections process and an integrated view with the transmission network.

It comes as industry regulator Ofgem unveiled new rules to kick out ‘zombie projects’ which are not progressing, and stopping other ‘shovel ready’ schemes from being built. The industry regulator said the new rules would speed up connections to the National Grid for viable projects and force stalled or speculative projects out of the queue.

Matt White, Head of Network Strategy at UK Power Networks’ Distribution System Operator, says, “Customers have called on us to demystify the available capacity at the interface with the transmission network and their place in the queue to access it. This is what we’re delivering, putting new datasets based on customer needs on our Open Data Portal. It will drive more targeted and efficient connections decisions for our customers.”

Peter Clutton-Brock, CEO of Yottar, says, “UK Power Networks has made an important first step in opening up information on grid connection queues. Putting more data out in the public domain will help developers and services like Yottar identify and select sites where they can connect sooner and at lower cost.”

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