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The UK has embraced the EV market growth with increasing demand and a greater availability of EV models. According to ‘Manifesto 2030: Automotive Growth for a Zero Emission Future’, the UK automotive industry’s strategy aims to ensure economic growth and zero-emission mobility through the production of innovative technologies, transforming the automotive sector and creating a stronger economy.

In line with EV industry growth, EV charging solutions are also upgrading to provide a seamless and reliable experience for EV drivers. EV owners are increasingly attentive in purchasing EV charging solutions, which can be divided into different performance levels, 3 Pin Charger (Mode 2) and Smart Charger (Mode 3).

3 Pin Chargers (Mode 2) normally come standard with the purchase of a new EV. They can be used in the home with standard 230V outlets, requiring no installation. They have an average power output of 2.3kW and generally provide a range of 10 to 15km/hr from a standard 13amp socket. Using one of these trickle chargers with the car set for an eight hour daily overnight charge means a daily charge of about 100km range.

Smart Chargers (Mode 3) have an energy outlet between 7.4kW to 22kW, up to 10 times greater than 3 Pin Chargers, offering higher-rate AC charging. One hour of charging will provide a driving range of 40km (7.4kW) to 120km (22kW), enabling overnight charging of the vehicle. The status of the charger can be controlled anywhere, anytime via app.

Wallbox offers upgraded Smart Chargers (Mode 3) solutions, such as Pulsar Max, the smart home charger designed to save time, money and energy for everyday electric vehicle drivers, delivering more power and reliability than a 3 Pin Charger.

Pulsar Max comes standard with Wallbox’s proprietary energy management solutions, including Eco-Smart. It enables the EV to be recharged efficiently and sustainably through excess solar panel energy. Homeowners can determine the source and mix of energy to be supplied to the EV by metering energy from the solar system. With Eco-Smart, users can choose whether to charge their EVs through their home solar system, or with a mix of solar and grid power to maximise costs and energy savings.

Pulsar Max can be monitored at any time from anywhere through full access to the myWallbox app. It is possible to get real-time energy consumption and spending statistics, and protect the charger with remote lock and unlock. Users can schedule charging sessions through the myWallbox app, positively impacting the environment and saving money. By recharging during off-peak hours, in terms of energy costs, EV drivers can save up to £180, depending on the customer’s tariff.

As Smart Chargers (Mode 3) require installation, Pulsar Max is specifically designed to improve the process. In addition to increased uptime that reduces the need for site visits, the charger is designed with a new backplate for easier and faster installation.

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