Visit the Robus testing sphere

In-house reliability tests are carried out on an integrating sphere measurement system, an investment by Robus which can be viewed in the impressive visitor and conference centre at the LED Group headquarters in Dublin. This facility is available for wholesaler and contractor visits, events and training – accommodating groups of up to 50 people. An impressive bright, spacious showroom with natural light, it gives customers an overview of the Robus range, quality control processes, LED technology training and the testing facility.

The integrating sphere has a massive 1.5m diameter, making it suitable for testing luminaires of up to 1m in length. Measurement accuracy is achieved and maintained through the use of a calibrated lamp, traceable to international standards. The equipment forms a critical part in the Robus product approval process in ensuring that a product is meeting the required performance parameters.

The measurement parameters are:

• Luminous Flux – Total (usable) lumens, describing how ‘bright’ the fitting is.
• Luminaire Efficacy – Lumens per Watt, a measure of efficiency.
• CCT – Correlated Colour Temperature, describing the light colour and appearance (e.g. 4000K cool white).
• CRI – Colour Rendering Index is a measure of how well the light reproduces the real colours of illuminated objects

Where suitable, Robus products are tested and approved by the Lighting Industry Association’s Verified Scheme which references EN/IEC/CIE standards and European Directives. LED Group is also subscribed to Lighting Industry Association’s Registered Photometric Laboratories Scheme.

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