Voltage reduction trial could presage problems for energy-saving companies

Many companies have installed voltage reduction technology to achieve savings in energy costs, since the mains voltage is generally higher than their equipment needs. However, some types of equipment reduce the voltage by a fixed percentage while others keep the output constant irrespective of the input voltage. Therefore, there is a chance with the former type that the voltage could fall too low when the mains voltage is reduced, risking equipment malfunction or damage.

Due to the variable nature of low carbon technology, it is expected that mains voltage regulation on the National Grid will become increasingly commonplace as a more efficient alternative to keeping conventional power stations on standby.

‘Companies should check whether they have installed fixed voltage reduction equipment,’ said Martin Ward, managing director of voltage optimisation specialists Claude Lyons. ‘If so, they might want to consider changing to voltage stabilisation equipment where the voltage is dynamically optimised.’

Claude Lyons produce the PowerSave range of dynamic voltage optimisation equipment which can help companies reduce their energy bills by up to 25 per cent.

For more information about Claude Lyons visit www.claudelyons.co.uk

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