Voltis Home delivers double savings for Suffolk home

This shed immediate light on the situation – the house had exceptionally high voltage of around 248V with peaks of 250V – far higher than the spotlight manufacturer’s recommendation of 220V to 240V. The mystery was solved. Mr Metcalfe installed a Marshall-Tufflex Voltis Home unit to significantly reduce voltage levels within the property and safeguard the spotlights.

‘I checked back about three months later and they had not lost a single lamp,’ said Mr Metcalfe. ‘My customers are delighted and are lamp-changing free! They have also noticed a significant drop in their electricity bill, around 18% when compared to previous quarters.’

Not only were the householders saving money on their power bills the moment Voltis Home was turned on they were also saving around £50 each month on replacement spotlights, making Voltis Home an extremely wise investment. Savings from the spotlights alone will pay for Voltis Home in less than a year.

‘Voltis Home was the logical resolution to the over voltage, which can be a common problem with properties supplied by overhead power lines,’ said Mr Metcalfe, who has run Lawrence Metcalfe Electrical Services for some 14 years. ‘It has reduced my customer’s voltage in a consistent manner and prolonged the life of their many recessed spotlights. Over voltage also weakens electrical equipment, including washing machines, fridge freezers etc, reducing their lifespan. We’ve also had success installing a unit for a client having problems with a security camera transformer constantly blowing.

‘We are finding that the savings made from safeguarding and prolonging the life of electrical equipment can be as valuable as the savings from reduced electricity bills.’

Voltis Home drops the incoming Mains voltage to around 220V, perfectly compatible with the requirements of electrical equipment in the UK. The units are small – 300mm x 240mm x 47mm – and simply installed between the electricity meter and the consumer unit. Mr Metcalfe allows approximately 90 minutes for a straightforward installation.

He also recommends fitting a Voltis Home unit when installing solar PV; solar PV inverters can increase the voltage fed back into a property. The voltage optimiser therefore maintains an even and appropriate level of power supply at all times, particularly important for properties with high incoming Mains levels.


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