Wallbox and Osprey partner to expand reliable public charging in the UK

Wallbox and Osprey partner to expand reliable public charging in the UK

Wallbox N.V., a leading provider of electric vehicle (EV) charging and energy management solutions, has announced a strategic partnership with Osprey, one of the UK’s largest and leading rapid EV charging networks. The collaboration will begin by expanding the Osprey network with 125 units of Wallbox’s Supernova DC rapid charger coupled with WBX care program; offering preventative and corrective maintenance to its Supernova fleet.

Charge point availability and reliability are both crucial for consumer confidence in making the switch to electric vehicles. Wallbox’s Supernova rapid charger uses a modular design with a simple user-centric experience and payment process. This ensures that EV drivers get ease of use and a high standard of reliability, whilst charge point operators can scale the units easily to improve availability.

Both Wallbox and Osprey are committed to developing and deploying this reliable public charging at scale to accelerate the transition to zero-emission transport.

“We are excited to partner with Osprey to offer EV drivers across the UK access to a reliable DC charging network,” says Phil Bond, DC Key Account Manager UK+IE. “Designed to fit into a wide variety of locations, the first 125 Supernova rapid chargers will be deployed in more than 15 locations across the UK.” 

“Our partnership with Wallbox enables us to increase the number of rapid chargers we can easily install at locations with low voltage connections,” says Lewis Gardiner, Head of Operations, Osprey Charging Network. “Wallbox’s Supernova rapid charger meets our needs for power availability, ease of installation and maintenance, while offering the seamless experience we expect as standard for our customers.” 

The first chargers installed as part of this collaboration recently went live at Towneley Garden Centre, Burnley. 

Read more from Wallbox here.

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