Watch Gira’s New KNX Smart Home Video

Gira has released a new video highlighting the benefits of a KNX Smart Home by Gira, smart building technology that is convenient, secure and economically future-proof.

Mark Booth, Managing Director, Gira UK says: “Everyone seems to know the term ‘smart home’, yet the mainstream is still grappling with the true meaning of this ever-expanding market. There are technically two options for intelligent build specification – isolated and system solutions – however, as the name suggests, isolated solutions are independent mini-systems, which can very quickly reach their limits.

“In light of this, Gira wanted to introduce a new and highly informative video that anyone can access online (via YouTube) to offer a clear understanding of the virtues of KNX building technology versus conventional, purely electromechanical solutions.”

The progression of KNX system technology throughout the home has made linking devices much less complicated, so that a variety of devices can share one single, simple network and work together as required. Therefore you can offer more ways to control and influence lighting protocols depending on the type of smart living experience the end user aspires to.

“Autonomous technology is definitely a sign of the future, with the ability to anticipate individual behaviours and scenarios without instruction and ultimately, user control. Smart technology is more than just functionality, it has become a lifestyle choice and one that many end users are exploring as solutions become more advanced,” adds Booth.

Fittingly, Gira is a founding member of the European Installation Bus Association (EIBA), later known as the EIB and now the KNX Association. From the very beginning, Gira has been involved in the development of intelligent building products and systems – almost 30 years ago. 

Now recognised as the worldwide standard for all applications in smart home design and building control, KNX governs lighting and shutter control to various security systems, heating, ventilation, air conditioning, monitoring, alarming, water control, energy management, smart metering as well as household appliances, audio/video and more.

The new video detailing a KNX Smart Home by Gira is now available on YouTube and is a great resource for luxury specifiers, architects, designers and installers who want to demonstrate how with the help of Gira, they can enhance all aspects of their customers project. With KNX, all isolated devices or systems are able to talk to each other and can be controlled through just one central system over multiple control centres.

KNX can be installed in to new or existing developments, be it a new build or retrofit project, residential or commercial. With wired, wireless, IP and power line communication mediums it is possible to use the system within any building type.

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