Welcome Lucy LED!

It is hoped that both mascots with help to spread Recolight’s message around the importance of recycling LEDs, lamps and luminaires.

Suzanne Castine, marketing manager for Recolight, believes ‘It is vital that as many people as possible learn about the need to “recycle your light with Recolight” and it has been proven that the use of mascots can help to spread the word. Whilst having industry mascots is fun for all, Lucy LED signifies an important change in the lighting industry. Mascots tend to reach a wide audience with many people able to identify with loveable big characters. Bertie Bulb has always attracted young and old alike, and together, Bertie Bulb and Lucy LED were even popular with the City crowd when they embarked upon a tour this week’.

One of the most important advantages of the LED bulb is that it does not contain any mercury and is therefore not classified as hazardous. Although LEDs currently represent less than 0.1 per cent of the lighting waste stream, the proportion will gradually increase and therefore a new recycling process is required to adapt systems currently in place for gas discharge lamps.

LED retrofits are often difficult to distinguish from other lamps, which is why the Environment Agency (EA) allowed them to be co-collected. It is hoped that this measure will maximise the collection of waste lamps but does mean that LEDs must be treated as hazardous waste due to potential co-contamination.

Lucy LED will be on hand to support Recolight in responsibly recycling lamps, LEDs and luminaires.

Hear more about Bertie Bulb and Lucy LED by following @LucyLED1

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