When it comes to installing EV chargers, think smart

Everyone’s talking about the EV industry but, regardless of your personal view of electric vehicles, they provide an opportunity to put additional money in your pocket.

It’s not just down to the practical decision to diversify your electrical business to include chargers. Think multiple revenue streams and value adds for customers…

You may or may not know it, but chargers require software to get the best out of them. And whilst you can charge a car and access basic charge data using the average charger, software does the rest.

One way to think about this is to consider how your phone uses software to keep it secure and updated with added functionality. It’s exactly the same with chargers.

It makes the chargers infinitely more useful and gives you an advantage over other local installers – not to mention the upside from having visibility of all your charge points to make maintenance that much easier.

The best bit is that it’s quick and easy to install software onto a compatible OCPP charger so that your customers have access to smart, cost saving features.

Imagine giving your customers a way to set the time they want their car to charge so they benefit from cheaper night time electricity whilst they’re sleeping.

Or a way for them to set payment tariffs so they can rent out their drive and let their neighbours book a slot.

It’s an open road in a sense because software companies compete on new functionality. But do remember that not all software is equal and do your due diligence.

It could be the difference in your customers comparing their amazing charger to their neighbours’ basic version, or vice versa. Even though it’s the same charger.

If this all sounds good but you’re worried about taking on the warranty, don’t – smart software can be an excellent ally. Some systems provide their own first line support, taking the pressure off. They can remotely reset units – no matter how smart, turning it off and on again tend to do the trick.

Software reduces the risk and helps deliver the glory. And good software providers make it easy for your customers to switch to deals that suit their needs. But do check before recommending a provider, as this varies.

On top of this, you’ll be relieved to hear that costs are generally low. Most basic subscriptions are free, and paid packages tend to start as low as £5 a month, despite likely saving you much more considering today’s energy prices. Although your customers who provide public charging will benefit more from the Enterprise package, designed to help them meet the new government regulations.

Lastly, it’s worth considering customer support options so you don’t spend valuable earning time sorting out issues with the hardware or software.

Most suppliers offer 24/7 support, but only some employ people technical enough to resolve issues quickly so you’re not hanging around on a job. Choose wisely.

Earning ideas for electricians

It’s easy to significantly increase your monthly pay packet and install chargers that continue earning you money long after you’ve left the site.

One way is to partner with software or hardware manufacturers that offer referral programmes, such as Clenergy EV – although there are others.

Clenergy EV gives preferred installers a fee for every charger it upgrades, as well as a percentage of the transaction fee every time that charger is used.

In reality it means some add up to £800 to their monthly pay packet and earn passive income on every charger for its lifetime.

  • Earn while you sleep: Look for the best software referral programmes that pay per charger as well as providing passive income opportunities. It’s also worth checking if the software lets you track your additional income streams on your phone.
  • Maintain your charge points remotely: A good software system gives you visibility of all your charge points, making maintenance easier.
  • Become a charge point operator (CPO): Use software to manage and maintain your own network. If you’re a preferred installer, this is especially lucrative as chargers continue to earn you money long after you’ve installed them.

Think smart

  • Partner with a reputable software company that tests for charger compatibility.
  • Find easy to use software that does what you and your customers want it to do.
  • Look for features that pass on cost savings and other benefits to customers.
  • Choose software that is easy to switch and offers the right level of support.

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