Wholesalers ring the bell to help manufacturers

Bell ring

EDATA now has an extra data quality feature built in. If wholesalers suspect an error in a manufacturer’s product data, they can use a new alarm bell icon to raise a query that pings straight to the manufacturer.

Richard Appleton, Head of Digitalisation at the EDA, explains, “Manufacturers must be in full control of how their products are presented, and fresh eyes and a feedback facility from the wholesaler is extremely useful.

“We are constantly improving the user experience of the EDATA data pool and, as well as the bell feature, there are a number of other new benefits which help manufacturers when they are uploading and maintaining their product data. These include the option to search and filter their products by quality level – Gold, Silver, Bronze, or In Development – plus they can import data using BMECat 5.0.”

EDATA currently holds product information for 193,000 SKUs. Wholesalers can download product data in bulk to populate their websites and drive ecommerce and other business systems, or in individual Product Data Sheets which are generated on demand. To date, 65 leading electrotechnical brands have subscribed to EDATA to disseminate their product information with multiple wholesalers.

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