Winter burnout advice for business owners and sole traders

Winter burnout advice for business owners and sole traders

Trade insurance experts at Toolbox by Admiral have provided recommendations for preventing exhaustion and averting fatigue during the winter months.

Sole traders, independent business owners, and tradespeople can find the winter months particularly challenging. As daylight hours and temperatures plummet, seeking motivation to accomplish work can be difficult. This challenge, combined with potential seasonally slow business, can lead to a greater risk of winter burnout.

A spokesperson from Toolbox says, “Surviving winter burnout as a business owner or tradesperson is about flexibility, wellbeing, and realistic expectations.

“Manage work hours to optimise daylight, maintain a healthy lifestyle, and invest in the right gear. Incorporate relaxing activities into your work routine and set achievable goals considering the weather.

Remember, winter is not just about enduring but also thriving. The key is in taking care of your physical and mental health to stay productive and warm.”

Tops tips from the insurance experts at Toolbox to avoid winter burnout: 

  1. Implement flexible working hours

As the winter brings notably shorter daylight hours, a standard workday can feel longer, potentially leading to exhaustion. Consider implementing flexible work hours for yourself and the wider team. For instance, you might explore adjusting your work schedule to start later in the morning and end later in the evening.

Alternatively, changes could involve dividing the workday into separate shifts. By optimising daylight hours and providing flexibility, you can mitigate feelings of fatigue and keep spirits high.

  1. Maintain a healthy lifestyle

Maintaining good health is crucial for sustaining energy levels, especially during the harsh winter. A balanced diet, regular exercise, and quality sleep can profoundly influence mood and productivity.

To support this, consider having easily accessible, warm, and nutritious snacks on-site or in your van to sustain energy levels. Additionally, ensure that everyone has an adequate break to rest, promoting sustained energy levels throughout the day.

  1. Invest in the gear you need

The significance of appropriate winter gear cannot be overstated for individuals involved in physical trades. Investing in proper winter clothing can alleviate the discomfort caused by cold weather.

Appropriate gear aids in maintaining productivity levels but also safeguards against the potential health risks associated with cold weather.

  1. Set realistic goals and expectations

The winter season can frequently lead to unforeseen delays. Recalibrate your expectations and project timelines to accommodate potential weather-related interruptions. Adopting this approach could sustain a consistent workflow without imposing undue pressure on yourself or your team with tight deadlines. Thoughtful planning plays a pivotal role in minimising stress, thereby helping to prevent burnout.

  1. Spend some time on wellbeing activities

Activities focusing on wellbeing and relaxation are vital. This can encompass a variety of options such as listening to podcasts or music, reading, meditating, pursuing a hobby or spending quality time with loved ones.

Engaging in wellbeing activities provides mental respite from the rigours of work-related stress and can boost morale significantly. Deliberately carve out a dedicated ‘wellbeing hour’ in your workday or week, where you consciously focus on rejuvenating activities.

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