Wireless heating controls from Sangamo

Wireless heating controls from Sangamo

With wireless technology now seen as the preferred technology for heating and plumbing contractors, Sangamo has seen a rise in demand for the wireless room thermostats it offers in its Choice Plus range. Contractors can install them more quickly, without the need for hard wiring the thermostat – making them the perfect replacement for older wired thermostats and a great opportunity for contractors to upsell to their clients.

The Sangamo Choice+ wireless programmable room thermostat is designed for controlling heating systems via an electronic sensor. It operates via wireless communication between the thermostat and receiver and is 24-hour or 7-day programmable. It regulates and maintains a desirable temperature throughout the home by calling for heat as the temperature varies throughout the day. For example, if the temperature drops below the set temperature the thermostat calls for heat from the boiler, heating the radiators until the set point is reached. 

It offers a TPI (Time Proportional and Integral) control feature to ensure a maintained temperature by analysis of the heating and cooling periods. In addition, it includes Optimum Start and Delayed Stop for additional efficiency, heating and cooling for the time programmed. 

These features combine to offer the best in heating comfort and energy efficiency when compared to traditional on/off thermostats. 

Other features include:

  • Six time/temperature events per day
  • Permanent, timed and temporary override features
  • Pre-programmed schedule ready for use
  • Summer/winter time change

The full range of Sangamo Timer Controllers, Thermostats, Programmable Thermostats and Programmers from ESP totals 30 individual product lines and they are all available in a choice of three colour finishes – silver, black, or white.  

The full range can be viewed on the website. The Sangamo brochure can be downloaded from the website, as well as from the Scolmore Group app.

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