Wireless Logic enables Plug-N-Go to deliver EV charging to customers

Wireless Logic has announced the key supporting role it’s playing for Plug-N-Go, a UK-based company offering a full turnkey funded solution for AC and DC charging for electric vehicles. Using Wireless Logic’s Connectivity Platform, SIMPro, Plug-N-Go was able to monitor and manage its SIMs through one window, across multiple networks.


Founded in 2017 and with offices in London and Guernsey, Plug-N-Go’s core mission is to provide the best-in-class electric vehicle charging infrastructure to aid the electrification of transport in the UK, with the highest level of service and innovation. The company provides risk free funded solutions to businesses and local authorities, with a view to make EV infrastructure more accessible across England, Wales, the Channel Islands and Gibraltar.


Keith Hounsell, CEO at Plug-N-Go, says: “By leveraging our wealth of industry experience, we tailor each of our solutions to individual needs, offering a multitude of charging equipment models, speeds and volumes to our clients. However, with a growing number of EV charge points being installed across the UK, especially in more rural locations or where fixed line isn’t always available, we required a cellular connectivity solution that could connect to the strongest signal and bandwidth available through one SIM.”


He continues: “Using cellular connectivity comes with a number of advantages. First of all, it saves considerable time, as it eliminates the need to work out which network SIM to install in different locations. Secondly, it provides  reassurance that a local EV charging point can be fully operational without the need to have to send out an engineer for maintenance on a regular basis.”


To realise its vision, Plug-N-Go approached Wireless Logic, which was able to deliver a 4G connectivity solution with an un-steered roaming SIM that provided the company with resilient and ‘always on’ connectivity across multiple networks, throughout all the regions it supplied with EV charging units. By having full visibility and access to multiple networks via the SIMPro platform, Plug-N-Go is able to save operational costs by not having to send maintenance engineers out to rural locations, receiving real-time alerts on any data coverage or maintenance issues. 


The connectivity solution needed to also fulfil a crucial security function. For Plug-N-Go to be compliant with Open Charge Point Control (OCPP), the solution had to include a Fixed Private IP for secure two-way communication, which Wireless Logic was able to offer with its VPN overlay solutions 


Keith adds: “As more people are swapping their diesel engine cars for EV, EV users – especially those who live outside of main towns or cities – need the reassurance that their local EV Charge Point is in full operation. Thanks to Wireless Logic, we’re able to provide both a robust solution and a reliable service to our customers.”


Justin Godfrey-Cass, Head of Transport Solutions at Wireless Logic, concludes: “When it comes to our clients, it is important to us that we not only provide them with stable data connectivity that allows them to operate efficiently, but also add consultative value by advising them on what type of data connection is more beneficial to their business needs. We are proud to be able to support Plug-N-Go in achieving its vision of a more environmentally friendly transport network for the UK.” 

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