Working From Home Due To Coronavirus Means Wellbeing Must Be Considered

Working From Due To Coronavirus Means Wellbeing Must Be Considered

Employers’ concern for staff wellbeing must now go well beyond the traditional workplace, says Tamlite Lighting.

Tamlite Lighting believes that the rapid increase in the number of people working from home as a result of coronavirus (Covid-19) means employers now need to consider the home environment their staff are working in – and in particular their access to appropriate lighting.

A long-time champion of the benefits of more ‘human centric’ approaches to building services, Tamlite Lighting is leading the call for greater awareness of this issue.  

Debbie-Sue Farrell, the company’s Head of Wellbeing, comments, “We are living through unprecedented times. With more and more people now working from their own homes, we believe there needs to be a new shift in thinking about how employers can support and maintain their health and wellbeing of their staff.

“Specifically, there is no getting away from the fact that the lighting in our homes was designed for everyday life and is therefore unsuitable for creating a functional working environment. As a result, many home-based workers could well find themselves suffering from eye strain, poor posture and headaches, and in some cases lack of motivation as a direct result of insufficient or gloomy lighting. In order to remain healthy and productive, it is absolutely vital that workers have access to the right lighting, as it is proven to offer a way to enhance their daily experiences.”

Tamlite says there are simple measures that can be taken, such as providing employees with simple, tunable solutions such as its Starlite Connect. This technology – which is ideally suited to the domestic office, or makeshift working environment – allows users to choose the right light for the right activity. It is an intuitive, easy-to-install and flexible lighting system that is backed up by the latest connected lighting technology from WiZ Connected.

“At Tamlite, we stand ready to support and advise any businesses concerned about lighting for their home-based workforce. Even small improvements can make a massive difference to personal performance, creativity, mood and function. These are extraordinary times we want to support companies in any way we can – we’re all in the same situation.”

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