Zaptec’s tribute to electricians

Zaptec's tribute to electricians

For an electrician, installing a charging station is routine work. However, for all electric vehicle owners who want to charge their cars smartly and safely, it’s essential that the electrician knows what they’re doing and sets up the charger correctly. This is what Zaptec aims to celebrate in its new video.

You might not have envisioned an electrician installing an EV charging station in the middle of the Stavanger Concert Hall stage, while a string orchestra plays Edvard Grieg in the background. Yet, that’s precisely what happens in the new video. By depicting an electrician installing a Zaptec Go while Edvard’s famous, ‘Holberg Suite’ plays, the company intends to commend all electricians’ hard work and expertise, showcasing how quickly one can install a Zaptec charging station at home. 

In the video, the viewers meet Jone Oliversen, a Zaptec electrician employee who assembles the charging station in real-time with unwavering composure.

“I never imagined that such a job would ever receive such recognition. Electricians deserve praise. We’re talking about a profession that keeps society running daily, and it’s important not to forget that,” says Jone. 

The video also highlights how fast and efficient it is to have an electric vehicle charger installed at home. A survey conducted by YouGov for Zaptec earlier this year, showed that nearly one in 10 Norwegians still charge their electric vehicles from a regular power outlet. Therefore, the video can also encourage installing a proper charger at home.

“Continuous charging of electric vehicles from a regular power outlet is not recommended. It loads the electrical system, since the wires are consistently pushed to their maximum capacity over time. Most power outlets and electrical systems are not designed for this, and this load can lead to overheating and, in the worst-case scenario, a fire,” says Lindsay Yeoman, Interim Country Manager UK at Zaptec.

“A dedicated charging station can handle more power and has several additional safety features built into the system to avoid the risk of overheating and fire. This is especially important if you charge your electric vehicle overnight.” 

Watch the tribute to electricians here.

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