Zumtobel introduces first Cradle to Cradle Certified product

Zumtobel's first Cradle to Cradle Certified product

Zumtobel has introduced ARTELEA, a sleek office luminaire designed for modern workplaces, combining aesthetics and a powerful lumen output of up to 32,000 lumens.

The slimline, free-standing design offers nine unique configurations, maintaining a consistent office design language while allowing creative freedom. Crafted from up to 80% recyclable materials and following Zumtobel’s Circular Design Rules, ARTELEA is the first luminaire to achieve Cradle to Cradle Certified Product Standard Version 4.0 certification.

With a 100,000-hour service life, estimated to last 48 years, ARTELEA supports sustainability through ‘design for disassembly’, reducing material consumption and CO2 emissions by approximately 74.2kg.

Featuring swarm technology for networking, tunableWhite technology, and compliance with workplace lighting standards, ARTELEA enhances wellbeing and energy efficiency. Designed by EOOS Design, ARTELEA embodies circular design principles, offering enduring and flexible office lighting solutions.

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