Zumtobel offers advanced lighting solution

Zumtobel ECN

Zumtobel’s lighting infrastructure has now integrated High Accuracy Positioning (HAP) technology, enabling real-time location tracking of objects with unparalleled accuracy. This advancement brings transparency and significantly improves retail, industry and logistics efficiency.

HAP is the digital foundation of a building’s infrastructure in conjunction with Zumtobel’s TECTON continuous-row lighting system. By transforming lighting into an intelligent network, HAP provides access to various Internet of Things (IoT) applications with minimal effort and investment. It employs tagging technologies and bluetooth devices to detect the movement of goods and people. Integrating HAP tags into the lighting system enables real-time tracking down to the nearest metre, thereby enhancing efficiency.

Incorporating digital applications into lighting design ensures future readiness while delivering substantial cost savings. Compared to a new installation, HAP luminaires can reduce infrastructure expenses by up to 20%. Additional benefits include simplified cable routing and lower service costs.

Added value in production and logistics

Zumtobel Industry Analytics leverages the collected position and movement data to represent the real world digitally. Production and logistics companies can utilise it to visualise and analyse workflows in a digital model. This data-driven approach enables monitoring, analysis and documentation of stock levels, goods movement and tool/equipment location. These insights facilitate a comprehensive understanding of industrial processes, improving product quality and minimising downtime.

Optimise store layouts and product positioning

By analysing the routes of shopping trolleys and baskets, retailers can utilise the asset-tracking solution offered to understand customer interactions with their surroundings and products. Insights into customer behaviour and sales data enable retailers to optimise the layout and product positioning according to goods categories, departments, aisles, end caps and promotional areas.

Tailored specifically to the retail sector, it addresses the needs of various departments at both strategic and operational levels. The system provides valuable data and support services, empowering merchandising and category managers to make strategic decisions based on customer journey analysis and conversion rates. Store managers can anticipate patterns in the till area, optimising staff shifts and shortening queuing times. Marketing managers gain a deeper understanding of customer behaviour and engagement with offers, enabling them to fine tune their marketing plans based on these findings.

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