LED dimmers just got a lot smarter with Hamilton’s new LEDSTAT Wi-Fi dimmers!

How to make a home smarter!

Hamilton’s latest innovation, the new smart dimmers, provide electrical contractors with a comprehensive and user-friendly installation solution for controlling LED lights in various settings such as homes, office spaces, bars or restaurants.

With features like app and Alexa voice control, scene setting, and scheduling, Hamilton LEDSTAT smart dimmers offer an easy-to-install smart home setup that enhances comfort, energy efficiency and convenience.

The wired configuration comprises both Master and Companion units:

LEDSTAT Rotary Master Wi-Fi 250W Dimmer: Delivering the smooth LED dimming expected from Hamilton products. Additionally, the LEDSTAT Master Dimmer is packed with features such as app control from Android or Apple devices. It’s also compatible with Alexa, enabling integration into Alexa-powered smart home set-ups. This integration allows users to control the dimmers using voice commands through Alexa devices and Google Assistant.

LEDSTAT Rotary Companion Controller: Serving as dimming extension devices, the Rotary Companion modules are compatible with both the Wi-Fi Master LED Dimmer ((L-SD250MW) and Wi-Fi In-Line Dimmer (L-SD-IN-LINE-250W-WIFI). When installed alongside these products, the Companion enables true rotary multi-point dimming, providing users with the ability to switch the circuit on/off from any position and dim the circuit. Up to two Companions can be connected to the Master, creating a circuit that can be dimmed from three positions.

Retrofitting made easy: One stand-out feature is its adaptability, making it an ideal solution for expanding living/workspaces and extending lighting circuitry. Hamilton’s In-Wall Dimmer seamlessly retrofits into existing two-way and intermediate wiring, enabling a smooth integration into both new-build projects and renovations.

Smart also means stylish!

Available in five popular Hamilton collections: Hartland, Hartland G2, Sheer, Sheer G2 and Verve, with a choice of up to 13 distinct plate finishes.

Explore the range: Hamilton’s LEDSTAT Smart Wi-Fi Dimmer isn’t a standalone product; it’s part of a complete range of smart devices designed to meet the ever-changing needs of today’s homeowners. The range includes blind control, switch relays for the on/off control of appliances, and RGBW colour control for mood creation and scene setting.

LEDSTAT Smart Wi-Fi Dimmers at a glance

  • True rotary multi-point dimming
  • Retrofit wiring (no neutral required)
  • No hub required
  • Fits in 35mm wallbox
  • Trailing and leading edge
  • Multi-point control options (rotary and toggle dimming)
  • App control using the Hamilton Lite app
  • Set light levels and control scenes
  • Away from home control
  • Works with Alexa and Google Home Assistant

Join Hamilton for a FREE demo at Stand E240 at ELEX Alexandra Palace. Alternatively, visit your local stockist or download the LEDSTAT Smart Dimmer & Smart Devices brochure!

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