New Luceco lighting controls and solutions guide

Luceco has recently launched a new publication demonstrating the range and diversity of its lighting Control Systems. As controls become standard in many new lighting installations, Luceco also provides solutions for refurbishments in existing infrastructure.

The control of light is essential to our wellbeing, work, productivity, and leisure time. With increasing pressure for buildings to be environmentally friendly and energy efficient, LED luminaire technology coupled with lighting controls can help save up to 70% on energy consumption and ensure spaces are lit appropriately to provide safety, security, and comfort, using scene setting, presence detection and daylight dimming controls.

Both Platform and Elevate from Luceco offer wireless controlled lighting solutions – Platform offering simple and cost-effective wireless control, with Elevate benefitting the client with a function-rich system including energy and emergency lighting reports, asset tracking, as well as the primary functions of dimming, scene setting, presence detection and daylight control.

Lighting controls can often seem a daunting prospect with the emergence of convoluted control systems and ever-evolving terminology. With multiple platforms available, it can become perplexing to the client who has a clear end goal in mind. Luceco understands the importance of allowing the end user to control their own space. Whether a small office, or multiple estates, Luceco can offer a lighting control solution.

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