Quickwire Introduces Prewired Junction Boxes

Quickwire gives the low-down on its innovative prewired, maintenance-free junction boxes.

Quickwire prewired junction boxes are the latest product from the designer behind the flex7 lighting connection and control system. These innovative new products are designed for a domestic environment and offer dramatic time savings compared to traditional junction boxes.

A Quickwire junction box is prewired, and has been designed to help electricians save significant installation time on-site – all four connections can be wired in seven seconds. Simply strip twin and earth cable, then push it into the push-fit connectors for quick and easy, screwless termination. The push fit design completely negates the need for fiddly screws, clamps, clips or covers. It’s remarkably quick, and the compact design means it will even fit through a 32mm diameter hole in the ceiling.

If you find yourself needing to disconnect one of the cables, that’s not a problem. The simple disconnection tool allows for quick and easy disconnection, making Quickwire completely reusable.

• No need to sleeve earth (another time saver)
• Prewired with clearly labelled cable inlets (easy to wire, hard to make mistakes)
• Maintenance-free
• Screwless push-fit design, no screws, clips, clamps, or covers. No screwdriver necessary
• Fits through a 32mm hole (push through a downlighter hole with ease)
• Reusable (the cable can be removed, and the junction box reused).

There are three products in the range so far. A Quickwire Switch & Load junction box can be used for a lighting circuit with a single luminaire – connect your power, load and switch by pushing your cable into the clearly labelled cable inlets. The remaining power inlet can then be used to feed another lighting circuit if needed.

A Quickwire Splitter junction box can be used to increase the number of ‘load’ outputs on a Quickwire Switch & Load. Simply connect the load inlet of a Switch & Load to one of the four load inlets on a Splitter. A Splitter is a straight through junction box.

Quickwire Strippers are flat cable strippers that make cable preparation fast and simple. These high-quality, automatic wire strippers are suitable for PVC-insulated flat cables with widths of up 12mm and diameters from 0.75 to 2.5mm².

Quickwire appeared on the scene mid 2017, and in the short time since, has caused quite a stir. Quickwire also won ‘Commercial Product Of The Year’ in the Electrical Industry awards 2017, and 2018 is shaping up to be another year of similar success. Several new products are on the horizon, including a version that can be used for 32 amp power distribution.

To find out more about Quickwire, please visit the website.

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