Range expansion of MK Sentry

Type A Miniature RCBOs

Completing the MK Sentry domestic circuit protection portfolio is the NEW range of Mini RCBOs. These single module devices are only 17.8mm x 85mm in size simplifying and increasing speed of installation (no earth connection is required) by creating greater space between the device and terminal bar when wiring. These smaller devices can contribute to a cleaner and organised appearance in the consumer unit, which can be beneficial if aesthetics are of importance.

Fully compatible with all MK Sentry consumer units, their size does not compromise on functionality.  They are available as a Type A RCD, 30mA tripping capacity in 6-40A Type B and Type C curve MCB. Aimed at domestic applications with a circuit breaking capacity of 6kA, the RCBO’s protect against both overcurrent and electric shock by interrupting the electrical supply to the circuit, preventing damage to the installation, respective devices and humans.

Key features:

  • Double pole
  • Increased wiring space within the consumer unit
  • Functional earth cable removed – Easier installation due to less electrical terminations required
  • Fits directly onto the busbar
  • Positive contact status
  • 25mm tunnel terminal capacity
  • 10 year guarantee

Single Module Surge Protection Device (SPD)    

In addition to the NEW range of mini RCBOs is the new single module Type 2 SPD (surge device) which is only 18mm x 38mm in size. Due to the reduced size, it can be easily installed into an existing consumer unit

It has been designed to meet the requirements of the latest Edition Wiring Regulations. The device is the main protection from damaging voltage spikes and will prevent the spread of overvoltage in electrical installation and protects the load.

The installation of this device must be provided where overvoltage could cause

  • Serious injury/loss of life
  • Interruption of public services
  • Interruption of commercial/industry activity
  • Affect a large number of co-located individuals

Key features

  • Single module – enables more ways for household circuits
  • Status indicator
  • Fits directly onto busbar for ease of installation
  • Simple cartridge replacement if power surge has taken place
  • Five-year guarantee

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