‘Ready-to-go’ residential SPD boards support need for best practice surge protection installation to AMD 2

Paul Collins, Technical Training Manager from Hager, explains how the company’s market-leading surge protection device (SPD) boards for residential installations are offering electrical contractors a ‘ready-to-go’ integrated solution compliant with 18th Edition Amendment 2.

Hager offers one part number for each common configuration of consumer unit with the main switch and surge protection device factory fitted, saving contractors time otherwise spent installing the individual elements.

A combination of full surge protection device integration within the consumer unit, and a number of features and benefits to improve surge protection effectiveness, such as a patented bus bar connection system, means electricians and end users can be assured that fitting a Hager residential SPD consumer unit guarantees the very best surge protection.

The purpose of the surge protection device is to provide protection of electrical installations and electronic equipment therein against transient overvoltages of atmospheric origin transmitted by the supply distribution system, and against switching overvoltages generated by the equipment within the installation.

These transient overvoltages could easily damage beyond repair electronic items such as computers, TVs and also a lot of equipment that is not always recognised as containing electronic components such as dishwashers, washing machines, fridges and freezers and many other items.

Integrated SPD consumer units employ type 2 SPDs, suitable for all common residential earthing arrangements. Where a type 1 SPD may be required, retrofit type 1 SPDs are available and technical support is available to ensure they are fitted correctly to standard Hager consumer units.

One of the consequences of the 18th Edition Wiring Regulations Amendment 2 has been an increased focus on equipment protection against surge transient voltages. Regulation 443.4.1 now requires protection against transient overvoltages to be provided where the consequence caused by the overvoltage could result in:

(i) serious injury to, or loss of, human life
(ii) failure of a safety service, as defined in Part 2
(iii) significant financial or data loss

For all other cases, protection against transient overvoltages shall be provided, unless the owner of the installation declares it is not required due to any loss or damage being tolerable and they accept the risk of damage to equipment and any consequential loss.

Indent (ii) however requires the use of overvoltage protection devices to protect a Safety Service

This is defined in Part 2 as;

‘An electrical system for electrical equipment provided to protect or warn persons in the event of a hazard, or essential to their evacuation from a location’.

A fire or smoke detection system would fall into this definition. If this system is supplied from the electrical installation then an overvoltage could cause it to fail and, as such, requires protection.

The simplest way to provide this protection may well be to supply it at the consumer unit.

To support electrical contractors to reduce installation times, meet compliance responsibilities, and alleviate the need to purchase and fit separate protection device items for consumer units, the industry can benefit from Hager’s factory fitted and fully integrated SPD board to provide optimum surge protection performance.

No secondary upstream protection devices required

In the past, surge protection devices required an MCB or fuse in the  consumer unit  to provide backup protection using one of the outgoing ways. The Hager solution removes this requirement – this frees up space in the consumer unit.

All Hager Surge Protection kits are CT2 type arrangements

Hager surge protection kits included in the consumer unit have CT2 construction type arrangements. This means Hager SPD devices are applicable for all common UK earthing arrangements such as TN-C-S (PME), TN-S and TT earthing systems and remove the risk of incorrect selection.

To ensure optimum surge protection performance and reliability so that end equipment is fully protected, Hager’s solution offers factory fitted SPD device integration for ‘ready-to-go’ installations, the removal of the need for secondary upstream protective and the use of shorter conductor paths to improve SPD effective performance.

It all adds up to a powerful, practical and effective surge protection solution that aid professional contractors and reassure end users alike. 

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