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The management of suspended cables or pipe work has historically been installed via a traditional threaded rod system which, let’s face it, isn’t the most easy and straightforward method. So, what’s the alternative? Mark Kimberley from Gripple the manufacturer of Fast Trak, discusses the only viable alternative which is said to guarantee a no cutting, no mess and no stress solution.

Increasing site safety

Since the introduction of the 18th Edition wiring regulations (BS7671), emphasis has been placed on improving installation safety and reducing the risk of accidents due to hanging cables. Therefore, safely containing all cables and ductwork is an even more essential element in all commercial construction projects and retrofits. Armed with this knowledge of the regulations, specification of suspension systems forms part of site managers’ and health and safety consultants’ remit to ensure the project is delivered to exacting standards and is fully compliant. And, whilst some contractors are still using a time consuming and labour-intensive threaded rod system, there is an alternative solution that will not only adhere to the regulations but enhance health and safety along with time and cost efficiencies.

Traditional Challenges

For anyone who has grappled with a threaded rod system, you will be well aware of the challenges they pose.  From initial delivery: typically delivered in 3m lengths, which means the potential of site access problems, through to fabrication, whereby a hot works permit is required to cut to length and, to installation where more engineers are needed due to the system being heavy, cumbersome and more complex to fit.

Modular system

The alternative, a prefabricated system that can be installed by one engineer and in a fraction of the time. Fast Trak is the only prefabricated system that is designed and manufactured off site, it not only eradicates traditional challenges but also makes installation for M&E engineers much simpler and safer – no cutting, no mess and no stress.

Fast Trak does not require any specialist tools or hot works, as this prefabricated system is delivered to site in easy to carry packaging in a choice of 14 lengths, ready for installation. And, with no need for any cutting and joining, the innovative design of system brackets and end caps means that components can be moved into place and secured up to six times quicker, allowing installers and engineers to separate different cable types and making them easy to identify in the future for maintenance or further installations.

Why it’s safer, easier and faster to install

The Fast Trak system, boasts a channel bracket which is four-sided with suspension points on every face, meaning multiple sources can be attached in any direction and can be multi-tiered when required. In addition, there is a suspension point guide, providing faster and safer alignment of brackets giving a mess free, stress-free installation solution.

Advancements made to the track include a new ladder style design – this allows brackets to be installed in increments of 10mm, meaning specified heights can be kept with minimal effort, also enabling the tiering of brackets, to increase the number of services per run. The new manufacturing technologies developed by Gripple mean that the ladder track is now curved and can be snapped or bent providing a neat and tidy finish with minimal to zero waste, all while delivering increased track rigidity and load ratings.

Proof is in the installation

One project that has already seen the immense benefits offered by Fast Trak is Coalville Leisure Centre, where contractor T Clarke experienced impressive results when compared with a traditional threaded rod system. A total of 586 labour hours were saved, which equated to a massive labour cost saving of over £14,500. Not only were there savings in time and costs, material weight saved was 1720kg, whilst the total embodied CO2 was reduced by 3,904kg.

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