Advanced’s EvacGo offers solution to meet Building Regulations deadline

With amended Part B (Fire Safety) of the Building Regulations coming into effect from 1 December 2022, Advanced offers a solution with its compliant evacuation alert system, EvacGo.

Published on 1 June 2022, the updated Part B of the Building Regulations has now made it mandatory for all new build residential buildings over 18m to have an evacuation alert system. An evacuation alert system is vital to help fire and rescue services inform residents of a change in evacuation strategy during an incident. This gives fire and rescue services an additional tool to use on the ground alongside existing methods of evacuation, improving safety for residents.

To comply with the amended Part B, an evacuation alert system should be provided in accordance with BS 8629 Code of Practice for the design, installation, commissioning, and maintenance of evacuation alert systems for use by fire and rescue services in England. Advanced’s EvacGo evacuation alert system offers peace of mind as it was designed alongside fire industry leaders specifically to meet the recommendations of BS 8629.

EvacGo has been developed to support any evacuation strategy chosen by the fire and rescue service and operates completely independently of fire detection systems. The panel combines EN54-2 and 4 approved MxPro 5 technology with clear, easy-to-use manual controls to ensure firefighters can quickly and effectively identify and operate alert sounders to support the safe evacuation of tall residential buildings.

EvacGo provides a simple overview of a building’s evacuation alert zones, along with LED indication and manual toggle-switch controls for operating evacuation alert devices in each zone. The panels are available in eight, 16, 24 or 32 ‘fire fighter evacuation alert area’ variants and are expandable from one to four loops – or even further when using Advanced’s network.

Advanced evacuation alert panels feature manual controls that are easy for fire and rescue service personnel to operate. Toggle switches and LED indication make viewing evacuation zone status and implementing evacuation strategies quick, simple and straightforward, even when wearing PPE. EvacGo also has slide-in labels for clear, easy naming of evacuation zones to avoid confusion.

Furthermore, the EvacGo panel is housed inside a robust, security rated enclosure meeting the STS 205 class BR2 security rating with patented BS EN 1303-compliant lock. This minimises tampering and restricts access to fire and rescue service personnel only, who are able to access the controls using a patented key, as stipulated in the BS 8629 code of practice.

The evacuation alert panel works equally well within hard-wired, radio and hybrid systems. Commissioning and servicing are quick and easy using Advanced’s virtual PC tool. EvacGo also features built-in battery back-up options of up to 17 ampere-hours, to meet the BS 8629 Code of Practice recommendations: 72-hours, plus 30 minutes in alarm, or where an on-site generator is present, 24-hours plus 30 minutes in alarm.

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