Aico becomes an EIC Champion

Over the last few years, Aico has partnered with the Electrical Industries Charity (EIC), with the aim of strengthening and supporting the electrical industry.

Aico is proud to announce that it is now recognised as an Electrical Industries Charity (EIC) Champion. As an EIC Champion, Aico is helping to support the only charity which is specifically for people working within the electrical industry and their families. Aico will also have exclusive access to health presentations created by EIC, which explore the different topics which affect the electrical industry, such as mental health, brain injury, financial wellbeing, and self-identity issues. An Aico colleague will be nominated as the internal EIC Champion representative. They will have the opportunity to discuss these health topics with a qualified member of the charity welfare team before delivering presentations to their Aico colleagues.

Aico and the EIC have recently joined forces to help educate and increase understanding of mental health awareness with virtual, online training. These sessions will be run by a qualified EIC trainer and aim to provide an understanding of what mental health is, knowledge on some common mental health issues and encourage challenging of the stigmas associated with mental health. This initiative will help educate in ways to look after your own mental health and to support someone who may be in distress.

The EIC is an industry charity that, for over 100 years, has recognised the importance of providing the right support and meeting the wellbeing needs of individuals to create better workplaces and industry communities.

As a member of the electrical and energy sector, you are entitled to all the support the EIC has to offer. This assistance is facilitated by a free and confidential helpline manned 365 days a year by the EIC’s dedicated welfare team. They offer support on things like family or relationship problems, financial or legal worries, emotional or mental health problems, and ill health or disability.

Commenting on Aico becoming an EIC Champion, Aico Managing Director, Neal Hooper, said: “The Electrical Industries Charity is more important than ever, especially with mental health support during this crisis. Becoming an EIC Champion means we can help in every way we can, such as facilitating mental health awareness training.”

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