Europe Electric Underfloor Heating Market to Mark Ascending Growth by 2026

According to a new Graphical Research growth forecast report, the Europe Electric Underfloor Heating Market is predicted to mark ascending growth by 2026.

The European electric underfloor heating market is predicted to grow on account of adverse impact of climate change pertaining to which European and other Nordic countries are experiencing extreme cold winters. These units have become a necessity across the household and commercial establishments. It is a central heating system which facilitates flexible and convenient installation on walls or ceilings without demanding extra space and works on either electricity or a hydraulic system to facilitate optimal indoor temperature via techniques like convection, conduction or radiation.

Key product functions, including advanced heating and temperature control coupled with enhanced aesthetic product design and health benefits will facilitate mass product adoption. For instance, Norway has the highest number of patients suffering from osteoporosis, which is a condition leading to bone mass loss and will result in increased rate of incurring serious bone fractures. The heating system helps in relieving such patients and helps in combatting respiratory allergies by carrying fine dust particles upwards owing to circular motion of convention currents.

Increasing deployments across new building establishments owing to low maintenance, the ability to work well with any kind of flooring and its potential to increase the property value manifolds will drive the business growth. Tax credit initiatives adopted by respective governments has addressed the financial hurdle towards making the product affordable. Furthermore, strict environmental norms have shifted the customer focus towards energy efficient and reliable heating systems.

The commercial electric underfloor heating market is set to grow, owing to key benefits including product flexibility and energy efficiency. In addition, other advantages including quick drying of spills, restriction of circulation of dust and the non-corrosive nature of its heating elements, have made it preferred options for hospitality sector and other such public spaces. Increasing adoption across the large-scale establishments to combat the increased heating load will further encourage the product adoption.

Thriving tourism along with adverse climatic conditions will fuel the France electric underfloor heating market size. The country is targeting to cater to 100 million international visitors in 2020 and therefore is significantly investing in hotels and hospitality sector along with provision of luxury and extreme comfort to customers. Moreover, pressing norms of EU’s circular economy seeking for sustainable developments along with ongoing government focus toward green building development will positively enhance the industry outlook.


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