Aurora Lighting reveals Seren

Aurora Lighting reveals Seren

Aurora Lighting UK has announced the launch of Seren, an electric vehicle (EV) charger designed for residential and small commercial environments. Leveraging over 20 years of electrical expertise, Aurora Lighting UK has created Seren, a versatile and installer-friendly EV charger, that seamlessly integrates dynamic lighting features.

Seren represents a remarkable addition to Aurora’s product portfolio, showcasing the company’s commitment to delivering advanced solutions for modern electric vehicle charging. This innovative charger is set to revolutionise the EV charging experience while aligning with Aurora’s tradition of delivering high-quality electrical products with the contractor and end user in mind.

Key features of the Seren EV charger

Dynamic lighting integration: Seren’s standout feature is its dynamic lighting capability. The RGB lighting feature not only enhances the aesthetic appeal of the charger but also offers valuable user guidance during the charging process.

Smart charging: With intuitive smart app control, Seren enables users to effortlessly manage and monitor their charging sessions remotely. The app offers features such as scheduling and real-time status updates, putting the power of efficient and personalised electric vehicle charging directly in the hands of users.

Residential and small commercial use: Seren is tailor-made for residential and small commercial environments, making it the ideal choice for homeowners, small businesses, and property managers. Its compact and unobtrusive design ensures it seamlessly blends into any setting.

Installer-friendly features: Seren is designed with contractors in mind. The installation process is straightforward, with installer-friendly features that reduce installation time, ensuring a hassle-free experience for electricians and professionals.

Personalisation: Seren offers optional personalisation. With a range of colour covers available, users can seamlessly integrate Seren into their homes or commercial spaces, complementing the aesthetics of their surroundings.

Aurora quality: Seren is built with the same commitment to quality and reliability that Aurora Lighting UK is renowned for. Coupled with a dedication to compliance and extensive R&D, customers can trust in the long-lasting performance and safety features that Aurora products are known for.

Seren stands out as a premier charging solution for electric vehicles, offering a powerful 7.4KW charging capacity. Come rain or shine, Seren is a reliable choice, as it is built with IP55 and IK10 ratings, ensuring durability and protection against the elements. Moreover, Seren provides peace of mind with a three-year warranty, allowing users to drive worry-free while benefiting from a robust and dependable charging experience.

Commenting on the launch, Daniel Mahdavi, Head of Product Strategy and Marketing at Aurora Lighting UK, says, “Seren is the result of our dedication to innovation and our extensive experience in the electrical and lighting industry. We believe this product will reshape the EV charging landscape in the UK by seamlessly blending functionality and aesthetics. It’s the perfect addition to our product portfolio, complementing our existing lighting solutions.”

Aurora Lighting UK says it is excited to introduce Seren to the UK market, and the company anticipates that this innovative EV charger will set new standards for functionality and style.

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