CharIN launches new Wireless Power Transfer Taskforce

CharIN Launches New Taskforce on Wireless Power Transfer

CharIN has launched a Wireless Power Transfer Taskforce initiated by Siemens AG, WiTricity Corporation, and MAHLE.

The Taskforce aims to drive the adoption and standardisation of wireless charging solutions for electric vehicles worldwide to enable seamless wireless charging experiences. Industry experts are invited to participate. The Taskforce started this September.

The founding of the Wireless Power Transfer Taskforce stems from the need to enable seamless wireless charging solutions for electric vehicles. Currently, there are remaining gaps in standardisation that pose challenges to vehicle OEMs and the imminent deployment of wireless charging. The Taskforce seeks to close these gaps in a timely manner, ensuring the successful integration and utilisation of wireless power transfer technology in the evolving electric mobility landscape.

The Taskforce will actively work towards harmonising standards in wireless power transfer (WPT) technology for charging vehicles while focusing on a static 11kW charging system. By resolving open points in existing WPT standards, it aims to create a foundation for seamless, efficient, and universal wireless charging solutions.

Defining the respective applicability of wireless charging will play a crucial role in its integration into diverse EV platforms. By defining rigorous test procedures and certification guidelines for interoperability, it also aims to ensure that wireless charging solutions are reliable, efficient, and compatible across different platforms. Additionally, it will focus on clearing the coexistence of relevant technologies for wireless power transfer, fostering a cohesive ecosystem for the future of EV charging.

“Through the establishment of our new CharIN Taskforce, we pave the way for a new era of smart charging. By sharing knowledge and fostering collaboration, we propel the seamless integration of wireless charging solutions, energising the future of EVs worldwide,” says Claas Bracklo, Chairman of CharIN EV.

“We initiated this Taskforce to make convenient wireless charging available to end customers very soon,” says Thomas Wuerz, Taskforce Lead, Siemens AG.

The Taskforce has invited both CharIN members and non-members to participate actively in shaping the future of wireless charging technology.

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