Circuit Protection FBA Design Service 

The Contactum design service for circuit protection allows you to create a bespoke design for factory assembled units to be supplied for your project.  

If your project requires a fully customised solution or specific outgoing devices pre-fitted then this service will be of benefit. It enables a highly reduced labour time on site while also ensuring continuity across your project. 

In a few easy steps the Contactum team can help you to design and build the best, compliant configuration to suit your project. Using standard and non-standard Contactum devices and accessories the company can supply your units fully assembled. 

All you need to do is contact the dedicated contractor sales team via email at Discuss the requirement, agree a design configuration, and confirm the quantities*. 

Contactum can then provide a unique quotation for your exact requirements. Once agreed and an order is placed via one of the company’s selected distributor partners, Contactum will assemble and dispatch your boards ready for installation. 

The design service is perfect for all project applications, and the company works closely with M&E consultants, electrical contractors, and housing developers for peace of mind guaranteed compliance and continuity across the project. 

Benefits include: 

  • Dedicated contractor sales team 
  • Fast turnaround time from enquiry to delivery 
  • Faster installation time 
  • Reduced labour costs 
  • Reduced waste from packaging 
  • No loose product on site 
  • Boards correctly configured 
  • Available for all circuit protection ranges 

*Minimum order quantities apply 

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