Collingwood Lights Innovates LED Lighting

Collingwood Lighting explains how it is striving to lead the way in innovative and easy-to-use products.

Collingwood Lighting is a leading light in the design and manufacture of innovative, high-quality LED lighting solutions. Since manufacturing one of the first dedicated LED lighting products back in 2002, Collingwood Lighting strives to lead the way in developing cutting-edge products which challenge the boundaries of the lighting industry.

We are designers and makers – insightful, agile and inventive. We are committed to seeking the most effective way of doing things, to making brilliant products, to delivering outstanding service and to being the first and best choice for our customers.

As industry-leading innovators, we want our products to be the best they can be for all those who use them. This means ensuring that they are an easy and obvious choice for those who install them as well as for those who will ultimately enjoy our high-quality, energy efficient lighting.

We work closely with contractors to identify any gaps or problems in the market and develop new cutting-edge technologies to meet those needs. This includes creating new products to make installation quicker and easier, such as our no-fuss H2 Lite T downlight which can be fitted throughout an entire installation, or our push-fit terminal connectors which hugely reduce time on-site.

As well as developing the most user-friendly products, we aim to streamline every aspect of the installation process, and to that end we also provide comprehensive video guides, technical support, customer training and access to a highly skilled team of experts who are always ready to help.

But it doesn’t end there. The Collingwood experience is further enhanced by an in-depth after-care process for peace of mind following completion, which includes extended warranties, after-care guides and a customer services team which is only ever a phone call away.


We research, develop and test everything, and this approach has led us to produce several firsts for the LED lighting market, including:

  • The design and manufacture of LED lighting products for the UK electrical wholesale market
  • The production of sealed for life 100% waterproof, in-ground LED lighting products
  • The production of sealed for life outdoor LED lighting products
  • The production of a mains dimmable LED downlight
  • The production of a fit-for-purpose high performance fire-rated LED downlight
  • The offer of a free seven-year extended warranty on our products

Our vast range covers every style of LED light imaginable, enabling every space to be beautifully lit with products that are practical, easy to install, have the highest quality of light and push the boundaries of energy efficiency.

We believe that each stage of the lighting process is crucial and from the initial idea our sales, lighting design and technical teams collaborate with our customers to design beautifully lit, energy efficient spaces. We aim to maximise the potential of any space and create awe-inspiring lit environments, whether it’s interior or exterior, residential, commercial, hospitality or retail.

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