Consort Claudgen launches 2023 Heat brochure

Consort Claudgen has unveiled its 2023 Heat brochure, showcasing new products and innovations for diverse heating needs.

Key highlights include the user-friendly Consort Connect app, enabling remote heating control via smartphones or tablets, and the cost-effective PVE panel heaters with timer battery backup that retains all settings when turning off the heater.

The energy-efficient CHMC controller, compatible with commercial fan heaters, incorporates an electronic lock and accurate temperature control. When paired with an occupancy sensor, it further conserves energy when it detects no movement within a given range. The redesigned Screenzone air curtains are easy to install, with a new width of 2m and an optional ACMC controller for customisable operation modes, prioritising energy efficiency. To download the brochure, click here.

Consort offers support on heating schemes for electrical contractors. Its dedicated technical team delivers valuable advice, calculating heat loss and recommending the most suitable heaters for each project.

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