Crackdown on ‘dodgy apprenticeships’ supported by SJD Electrical

The Department for Business, Innovation & Skills have indicated that in the future, anyone offering fake or low-quality apprenticeships training could face the possibility of a fine and prosecution in a Magistrates Court. The government is committed to giving apprenticeships similar controls to university degrees. 

‘Everyone knows what a university degree means,’ said Skills Minister Nick Boles.

‘It’s an official title. Young people doing apprenticeships should get the same level of distinction.’

Ruth Devine, director at SJD Electrical said:

‘Protecting the term ‘apprenticeship’ will help us attract the most able individuals and offer a guarantee to apprentices that they will receive world-class training.

A number of applicants applying for jobs at SJD who thought they had completed apprenticeships, were surprised to find that they were not fully qualified. Low quality training courses contribute to the many instances of poor workmanship we come across.’



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