DEVI doubles up the warranty on cables and mats for electrical floor heating

This warranty is not limited to the product itself, DEVI offers a full floor warranty meaning that DEVI in case of failure on cables or mats will also cover costs of installation and repairs to the floor due to repairing or exchanging the floor heating cables or mats.

The new warranty is launched at the same time when DEVI launches its new high end products DEVIflex and DEVIsafe in September 2013 and is a result of the dedicated work with quality and reliability as part of the product development of DEVI.

‘Reliability and quality are key parameters to us – we want our customers to be able to rely on us in everything we do,’ said vice president Jacob Madsen, head of DEVI Electrical Heating Systems. ‘Due to many years of dedicated product development and testing we have reached a quality level where our products maintain excellent performance over long time periods. So it is only natural that we extend our warranty to 20 years. And we believe so much in our ability to deliver superior quality that we have no problem by making this a warranty that also covers cost of installation and floor heating materials involved. Actually, we think that this is only fair to the consumers. If we want to be in this business, you must be able to give a promise like that to homeowners who often invest a serious part of their budget in optimising the floors in their homes.’

In order to obtain the warranty the installation must be performed by an authorised installer and a proof of purchase together with the stamped and signed warranty certificate must be available.

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