Eaton adds Ethernet connectivity to its proven MTL830 range multiplexers


Eaton has announced a valuable new addition to its proven MTL830 range of multiplexers for Zone 0 hazardous area temperature measurement applications. The next generation MTL838C-MBT temperature multiplexer receiver features an integral Ethernet port that makes connectivity easier and simpler: reducing integration requirements and thereby reducing time and costs.

“Eaton is committed to making digital process automation as simple and flexible as possible, so that our customers can reap the benefits of IIoT and Industry 4.0 ways of working,” says Niaz Ahmed, MTL Associate Product Line Manager for Eaton. “The MTL838C-MBT provides the highest levels of secure connectivity via Ethernet, as well as reducing space, weight, time and cost associated with hazardous area process monitoring applications.”

Using MODBUS TCP, the MTL838C-MBT temperature multiplexer offers an intelligent solution to process monitoring, improving productivity through simpler system integration to modern automation systems and enabling cloud connectivity for the analysis of big data and temperature trends. The MTL838C-MBT is also PC-configurable, making initial set-up and subsequent adjustments – for example at product changeover – easy to achieve.

By using two transmitters and one MTL838C receiver, an Eaton multiplexer system can communicate the status of up to 32 inputs, reducing the number of hazardous area wiring pairs from 32 to one. With no need for special data highway cabling, and shorter thermocouple and instrumentation cables, the MTL838C can deliver significant cost and time savings, as well as reducing space and weight requirements – making it an attractive option for temperature monitoring in chemical processing and oil & gas applications.

The MTL831C multiplexer transmitter transposes the analogue signals from multiple temperature sensors within a hazardous area into digital data, which is then communicated through the MTL838C-MBT receiver to the host PLC, PC or DCS via a standard Ethernet network. Where cybersecurity is a key concern, the device can be used in conjunction with Eaton’s renowned Tofino security appliance solution, which can undertake firewall functionality (such as traffic filtering and rate limiting) while also offering deep packet inspection for Modbus, DNP3 and, among others, OPC.

The MTL830C temperature multiplexer solution can transmit over distances of up to 1km in IS applications and 2km in non IS applications. Offering integral power, comms, error, alarm 1 and alarm 2 functions, the device is suitable for installation in environments between -40°C and +70°C. The M831C holds international certifications for use in Zone 0 hazardous areas, including IECEx and ATEX as well as FM approval for installation in Division 1 hazardous locations.

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