‘Last chance to save ourselves from climate crisis’ says ECA

Electrotechnical and engineering services body, ECA, calls for long-term thinking, delivery plans and concrete action from government in response to the latest report from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC).

The recently published landmark report warns that within the next 20 years, global temperatures are likely to rise 1.5oC above pre-industrial levels, making heatwaves, flooding and droughts more common and extreme. The report has been labelled a ‘Code Red for humanity’.

Luke Osborne, ECA Energy and Emerging Technologies Solutions Advisor, says: “The IPCC’s message is stark, yet it’s not surprising. The worst effects of climate change can still be mitigated if we act now and with maximum effort – this really is our last chance to save ourselves from climate crisis.

“The electrotechnical industry is poised to deliver the safe, productive and low-carbon buildings and infrastructure that will meet our immediate and future needs and support the drive towards net zero carbon.

“As host nation of COP26, the onus is on us to lead by example and show how a rapid and professional rollout of insulation, heat pumps, solar panels, EV charging, smart meters, battery storage and much more can make a real impact.”

ECA has produced extensive guidance to help electrotechnical businesses to make a ‘Green Pivot’ and focus on net zero carbon skills and training. ECA urges its nearly 3,000 member businesses in the electrical and engineering services sector to invest in their workforces and enable training and upskilling that will allow the installation, operation and maintenance of an array of low- to no-carbon technologies.

Luke adds: “It’s now time to throttle up and upskill and reskill our electrotechnical workforce. The time for piecemeal, short-term solutions has long passed. We have been warned more than enough – only long-term, concrete government action will pay long-term dividends for society, the economy and the environment.”

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