ECA responds to November Green Deal uptake figures

Bill Wright, ECA head of Energy Solutions, said, ‘Ten months after the launch of the Green Deal, only 219 live domestic Green Deal plans are in place. This is hugely disappointing, because the Green Deal had the potential to make a massive difference to domestic and even commercial energy use, and help consumers to get control of their bills. Right now the Green Deal is grounded, with no prospect of take-off. Sadly, we should not be too surprised if the next message is ‘flight cancelled’.

‘It’s very clear that much more needs to be done, right now, to incentivise the public to get on board. Reducing council tax and stamp duty for properties that have a Green Deal in place, for example, would offer a compelling return on investment. From a potential Green Deal audience of millions, the current interest rate of seven per cent has enticed less than 220 homeowners. 

‘Unless we see a tangible increase in Green Deal take up, we are at risk of losing a national energy efficiency initiative. UK homeowners will be consigned to ongoing energy inefficiency, which is bad for them, bad for the construction industry, and bad for the environment. We deserve a functioning Green Deal, but real leadership is now required to help it achieve its lofty goals.’

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