ECA urges collaboration on industry agreements

ECA urges collaboration on industry agreements

The Electrical Contractors’ Association (ECA) has called for all parties affected by the HVCA’s plans to introduce a new Building Services agreement to return to the table and develop a collaborative solution.

The ECA reiterates its call for unity following lobbying by electrical workers at its annual dinner over the HVCA proposed BESNA agreement. Steve Bratt, ECA Group CEO said, ‘It is clear that the proposed BESNA agreement put forward by HVCA and the seven contractors concerned has caused a lot of anxiety and confusion. The ECA believes that the only acceptable agreement is one that is achieved through collaboration rather than in isolation.

‘We recognise there is a need for change, which is why the ECA and the rest of our colleagues in the sector have set up an Industry Modernisation Forum and are working together to achieve a solution.’

Bratt continued, ‘The Union and Industry Modernisation Forum have agreed, in principle, ‘Proposals for Change’ and have urged the HVCA and the seven contractors concerned to come back to the table and work with colleagues in the Forum  to effect safe and responsible change. We agree that collaboration is the only way forward to safeguard our industry, as well as good industrial relations, and we are committed to finding a solution to this issue.

‘The door is open and in the interest of all parties, we hope they choose to work with us to deliver collaborative change which is acceptable to all and not just a few.’

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